Wednesday, July 30, 2014

God has a Plan My A$$

A parent gets cancer.
A child gets pregnant.
A spouse gets sicker.
A self drowns in depression.
A loved one dies.
A couple drown in debt.

But it's ok! Just hold on. God knows what's He's doing. He has a plan. All your torment and suffering and worry and grief are part of this plan.

Comforting words, aren't they?

Just have more faith. Just trust in God's will. Just keep holding on. Just pray more. Just get more people to pray. It'll all be okay.

Yup, sure. Thanks for the advice.

Have you ever felt this way? You hear the beautiful words of comfort from friends and loved ones. They tell you they're praying for you. You know they're praying for you. But you can't help but think...

"God has a plan, my ass!"

Yup, that's right, I said it. And call me whatever you want for saying/thinking it, but I'd say everyone whom has suffered one hardship after another has felt this way - even if only for a very brief moment before they smacked themselves upside the head for such a horrific thought. Before the guilt settles in for the lack of faith in, and unwavering love for, God.

I truly am glad we have such a loving and forgiving God. With how many times I have questioned, and still question, God's ability to plan... I know I am still a beloved child of His. Granted, He'd probably like to ground me to my room or wash my mouth out with soap for my distrust, disrespect and disobedience. But, He loves me all the same - or so a trusted friend of mine keeps telling me. Of course, I also often question this friend... probably more often than I question God. But, I digress...

We all go through hard times... We all question God

At some point in all our lives, we're going to go through rough patches. Sometimes we have a "lucky" life, and these hard times aren't too serious (although, as most can probably attest, it isn't until after the rough patch that we recognize it wasn't too horrible). Sometimes we aren't so lucky, and we're plagued with something more serious, or a series of rough moments. Sometimes our way is paved with rocky terrain for miles... or for the entire trip.

During these rocky miles, we often find ourselves starting out by clinging to our faith. We pray fervently. We hold onto those offering prayers. We seek comfort and peace in the Lord. But eventually, especially when the road remains tough, and we've stumbled and skinned our knees repeatedly, we question God. We feel as though we're losing faith. All those sentiments that brought us comfort now make us scoff.

Something as beautiful as the Footprints in the Sand poem (you know... the one where the guy notices only one set of footprints during rough patches in his life, and the Lord tells him that's when He carried him?) becomes a mockery in our own minds. I mean, c'mon... He's God. He shouldn't have to carry us - He should be able to wave His magic wand and make the hard times go away all together.

It's Okay!

I've written on this topic before, and probably will again. Why? Because many people still say it is wrong to question God. It is wrong to be angry with Him. It is a sin that will send us to hell.

And I say - it's okay! God is tough. He can handle a little anger thrown His way. He can handle a lot of anger thrown His way. He can handle the cursing and biting remarks - the distrust, disrespect, and disobedience.

And, I think it's healthy. It's our way of dealing with life when life gets unbearable. It's our way of coping in a world full of pain and anguish and evil.

And in the end, when the terrain starts to even out again, we often find ourselves closer to God. So go for it - yell at God for a while. And then... when you're feeling a bit better... embrace Him back, as He has been embracing you the whole time.

Peace and comfort to you all..

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