Friday, October 17, 2014

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button

Have you ever found yourself spinning yourself in circles, to the point where you confuse yourself much more than you already were?

This is how I've been feeling lately. For the past several weeks, my Bible Study group has been concentrating on Spiritual Gifts. I really hadn't paid much attention to the topic before. I'd skimmed over the verses which discuss these gifts, but never spent energy on what they are, what they mean. It never dawned on me that perhaps we each have at least one of these gifts.

It has been an interesting study. And it's motivational and encouraging to believe we each have at least one gift. I entered into the study excited to find out what mine is, and how I can best use it.

And, 6 weeks in, I still don't have a clue.


These are the motivational gifts. We should each have a primary one (or two). How one reacts instinctively to a situation is generally a good indicator of which gift it is. And, I'm still lost. I react instinctively in many different ways, depending on the situation.

Service - I offer my services whenever and wherever possible. But is this an instinctual, drawn-to-do-so behavior? Or do I simply feel someone has to do it, so I agree? Or do I do it for the recognition and acceptance? Or because I really can't afford to financially give, so I give my time to compensate?

Mercy -I can often empathize with people who are hurting or in distress. I sometimes feel their pain almost as strongly as if it were my own, sometimes without them even telling me. And I sometimes can minister to these people. But is it an instinctual reaction because of a gift, or is it more because I know where they're coming from because I, too, have been there?

Teaching - I love absorbing myself in studying. I study the Bible, the commentaries, the original language/translations. I could spend hours researching a topic. And, I love to write about these topics, or whatever other topic pops into my head that I need to shout to the world. But do I do this to teach others? Or is it just a love of education?

Even the others (or some of them anyway), I can see myself fitting into in some way, at some time or another.


So what about you? Do you know your spiritual gift?

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