Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Things Jesus Never Said

We've all encountered them - well-meaning Christians, telling us things, hopefully with the belief that it'll make our Christian lives better. But, when we search the Bible, we find these things do not truly exist. Jesus never once said them.

This series will examine some of these concepts.

Have you ever had someone tell you that the reason you do not feel Christ's blessings is because you do not have enough faith? Or the reason a loved one is not healing is because not enough people are praying for him/her? Have you ever been told you're depressed, or poor, or in pain is because God doesn't love you? Or because you haven't repented? Or because you don't have enough faith?


Yes, we have been fed lies through our Christian faith. And, perhaps those telling us these things didn't mean to lie. They probably don't even recognize them as lies. But, this series will expose them anyway, and hopefully will help you on your journey to knowing Christ.

To find all in the series, please do a tag search for TJNS.

God bless!

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