Thursday, February 5, 2015

SHOCKING NEW DISCOVERY! Women are Now Sexual Creatures!

Yes, you read that right - the discovery has been made that women are now sexual creatures, with desires and lust-filled thoughts of their own. And it's all the fault of a novel - 50 Shades of Grey.

Now, before I continue, I must inform everyone that I have not yet read this book. But, I have read a lot about it. And I have just today learned that because of this book, women are now thinking naughty thoughts, and sinning. Of course, the first sin they've committed is that they're reading this book. And, this erotica has corrupted them. As soon as they started reading it, they began sinning in their minds. And, because erotica is apparently written with the sole purpose of being a tool for sexual gratification... well, women are now going to hell. They need to be saved, and saved immediately! All books with sex in them must be burned!

It's so hard to believe that erotica, and the subsequent effect of women becoming sexual creatures, has only been around for a few years...

Hate to break it to you... but erotica has been around for a few thousand years

That's right - erotica has been around probably since the written word. In fact, it's in the Bible. Read Song of Solomon. While some will say it's a married couple, and others will say it's about Christ and the Church, if you actually read the book, you'll find it filled with erotic imagery. It's quite the steamy book.  And there have been many erotica books written since. And there will be many written in the future.

Why? Because sex is a part of who we are.

Sexual feelings in women are sinful!

Our Christian society seems to have very negative feelings about sex, especially when it comes to women. Any sexual thought, action, etc that is outside of marriage is immediately deemed a sin. We're even afraid to really speak about it in regards to marriage. Missionary position, when the husband wants it, is good, pure, Biblical sex. Anything else? Sin!

And to even consider that a woman might think about sex? Wow. That just can't happen. Women aren't supposed to think about sex. Or like sex. Their only thought on the subject should be to oblige their spouse when he's in the mood. Any woman who might actually like sex? They must be a harlot. Or severely broken. Or both.

As parents and Christians, we teach our boys to respect girls when it comes to sex. We understand that they'll have sexual desires. We're open and understanding in regards to how looking at a girl will affect them, and how strong an influence lust can have on them. As a society, we find boys getting pats on the back when they get the girl into bed.

But our girls? We teach them sex is bad. It's wrong. They should never think about it. It's a sin to even consider it. And if one should slip up and have sex before marriage? Easy. Tramp. Whore. And the list goes on.

Hate to break it to you... but God created women as sexual creatures, too

What is this blasphemy?! Women?! Yes, yes. I hate to be the one to crush everyone's ideal of the purity of women, but we've been fantasizing and dreaming and writing erotica forever. We love to read and write erotica because it's a place where we can safely accept that we're not alone, when we're faced daily with people telling us that sex is evil and bad for women to think about. Women want sex. They like sex. While yes, it may be a sin to be staring at your teacher, or neighbor, or friend, and think about these things... the fact remains that women do think that way. 

Why? Because sex is a part of who we are. 

God made us all... Did He screw up? 

God gave us sexual desires. God gave us sexual organs. God gave us the ability to have and enjoy sex.

Did He screw up? He could have made us so that we didn't enjoy it.... that it was simply a means of procreation and that was it. But He didn't. He made it something that would be special between two people... something that would bring us closer to each other. Within a good marriage, there should be a bond emotionally, spiritually, and physically - bringing all of two people together as one.

Just because we women lack a certain part of the anatomy does not mean we're not prone to sexual urges. It does not mean we're not tempted by lust. But, it also does not mean we're incapable of distinguishing between a novel and the real world. It drives me nuts to have men telling me I should not read a book with sex in it because it's going to tarnish my purity.

Women are pure - but are also the reason for so many sexual sins

So, men seem to assume women are creatures whom should remain pure. Yet, they tend to put a lot of blame on women for their own sexual sins. If we dress too provocatively (ohmygosh I showed off my ankles!), we cause them to lust. If we're raped, it's obviously because of something we did or said or wore. If we don't give sex up to our husbands when they want it, we're terrible wives, and are to blame if they seek sex elsewhere.

But God forbid if we women get turned on by something HE wore (that's right... take off the fireman uniform... it's turning me on), or if we want sex and get turned down by our spouse (yes, it does happen) and decide to turn elsewhere. Then we're just whores.

And now.. because of a novel (and soon to be movie)... this is happening all that much more. Women have become sexual creatures. This is going to have devastating effects on men everywhere, I'm sure.

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