Tuesday, March 14, 2017

That Little Green Monster

Growing up with a beautiful and popular older sister sometimes sucked. Growing up with family members who were musically inclined sucked. Having a family of my own now who have certain talents has sometimes sucked.

I was always the tom-boy and nerd. If I could be outside, I was climbing trees and playing in the dirt. I preferred hanging barbie from trees and shooting arrows at her. I preferred making forts rather than playing house. And this was even as a teen (and as an adult). If I couldn't be outside, I was curled up in a corner reading a book or doing puzzles. But part of me always envied the girls. The ones who made sure every hair was in the right place... the ones who had guys drooling over them... the ones who were invited to parties and had tons of friends.I hated listening to people singing in the kitchen, knowing that if I even tried to open my mouth to sing people would immediately tell me to shut up, reminding me how horrible I sound.

The issue is, I spent so much time focusing on the things and talents I didn't have, that I was unable to see the talents God had given me. I spent so much time focusing on the personality I didn't have, I was unable to see the person God made me.

This is what envy does to us. It takes our focus on what God has given to us and holds us back from becoming the people God wants us to be. 

Today's Lenten sacrifice:

Let go of envy.

Learn to embrace what you already have. Learn to embrace the fact that God has a purpose for you. Those things and personalities and talents and special traits other people have... the things you want for yourself... aren't what God intended for you. They aren't going to help you be who you are meant to be. What God has given you makes you special.

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