Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Dream of Angels but Live with Demons

"I dream of angels but live with demons" is a statement made on an episode of Law & Order: SVU, by a schizophrenic. While this post isn't about this show or this character, I did love the quote.

I have always been intrigued by the "supernatural" - angels, demons, the occult, psychics, and everything else lumped in this word. The first paper I wrote for my confirmation class was about angels. I believe angels exist. I believe demons do also. I believe both are capable of possessing humans, walking the earth, and doing the will of their associated leader (God or Satan).

But what does the Bible say? Do these exist? I won't rehash research which has already been written, but I will point to a couple very interesting articles I found on the subject:

So, we know that both angels and demons existed in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. Satan existed in the Bible. Demonic possession happened in the Bible. This makes me wonder - is angelic possession also possible? I'd have to say yes, for the simple fact that demons are technically angels. Do they, however? Again, I would have to say yes, although we usually don't hear of these events quite as often.

Demonic possession is frightening and strange... it's perfect for television shows and movies and stories. Angelic possession? That just sounds boring. It wouldn't make for good entertainment, and therefore it doesn't get the same attention. In addition to this, however, is that I don't believe angels will possess people very often, or for long enough to be noticed. Because angels are good, they follow the will of God. Unless God tells them to possess someone, they won't. And when they are told to, it is for a specific purpose and then it's done. Demons, on the other hand, have no respect for God's will, nor mankind's will. They will take possession whenever they want, for whatever reason they want, and for as long as they want - unless stopped.

I don't believe angels or demons can take control of just any one though. I do think they both need some type of permission from the person. It often seems demons possess those who are weaker - either physically, intellectually, or emotionally. I've heard of those sick with cancer becoming possessed. Children. Mentally slower people. Those with psychoses. This weakened state gives the demon the permission it needs.We all do rather crazy things in our weakened states. As a child, I even tried to strike up a bargain with Satan... I offered him my soul in exchange for peace. Of course, I never received this peace... Satan doesn't dabble in peace. But, I did open myself up to possession.

So why would angels or demons take possession? For what purpose? In the case of angels - perhaps you're driving down the road, and something causes you to stop the car suddenly. No reason, no explanation. But moments later, there's a loud crash right where your car would have been had you continued down the road. Divine intervention? An angel taking possession of you? In the case of demons - these fallen angels just like to make you sin. They like to cause chaos and terror. They like murder and destruction and everything evil.


Have you ever witnessed a possession? Have you ever been possessed? The whole concept of angels and demons has intrigued me for many years, since I was a young child. I have barely touched on anything much in this post due to feeling a bit ill and disconnected tonight... but I'd love to read any true stories people have on the topic...

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