Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love Me Or I'll Kill You!

"Love me or I'll kill you"

I can't help think of some really creepy suspense thriller... or that one friend I used to have...

But did you know, a lot of people think this is God? That God is some psychotic selfish killer?

We must love God or we'll go to Hell. We must obey God, or His wrath will rain down upon  us. We must embrace all that is the Lord, or He will cause torment and pain in our lives.

If things go badly for us - our spouse dies, our home burns to the ground, our child becomes very ill - it's because we aren't praying hard enough. Or it's because it's God's plan. Or it's because we don't have enough faith in the Lord.

People say we are to fear God - but that this fear means to respect and honor Him. But then go on to discuss his wrath, and the deadly consequences of not obeying Him. This isn't a respect based fear. This is definitely not a love based fear. This is a "You will obey, or you will die!" fear.

And then, after telling us all of this... they tell us God loves us and we should love Him....


uhhh... ummmm.....


My parents used to beat me. As they were kicking me in the ribs, or punching me in the face, or throwing me against a wall, or pulling me down the stairs by my hair, or... (well, you get the point)... they'd be telling me "I'm only doing this because I love you."

And, if we didn't utter the phrase "I love you, too"... well, let's just say it was never very pretty.

So basically, when you say everything I listed above in regards to God - that He causes us pain because we aren't praying enough or don't have enough faith... that His wrath will rain down on us if we don't obey... that we MUST love him or die....

You're telling me that God is nothing more than an abusive father.

I'm sorry if this upsets anyone... but if this is your definition of love... then I truly do pray for you. If this is your definition of love... I pray for your children and spouses and loved ones. If this is your definition of love... then I beg you - please do NOT love me.


Thank you Lord for loving me for who and what I am - a sinner who follows you out of deep love and respect, not out of fear of your wrath.

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