Sunday, March 16, 2014

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy!

Maybe I’m wrong. It’s happened once or twice before. But to me – having the Holy Spirit living within, and working within me… it is not about obedience to the law. It has nothing to do with the law. It has nothing to do with obedience.

It has to do with following Christ with joy. 

Christians should not be boring people. They should not be somber people. They should not be people wandering around with the weight of the law on their backs. They should be filled with joy! We should be screaming from the rooftops our love for Christ, and about what He did for us. We should be praising his name as we help those closest to us with everything from the simplest of tasks, to those requiring more of our time and effort. We should be gratefully and graciously forgiving those who’ve wronged us, and sincerely apologizing and asking forgiveness for the wrongs we’ve committed to someone else.

Having the Holy Spirit within us doesn’t mean we suddenly become these obedient, sinless, dutiful little lemmings. It means we suddenly recognize that we are indeed children of God. We don’t follow God out of fear. We don’t follow out of obligation.

We are excited to do His will!

We are excited to be disciples. We are excited to spread His love to all we meet… not to frighten these people into following, but to show them the true joy that comes with following.

This is what many Christians are missing – we’re not allowing the Spirit to stir us. We’re not allowing that joy to flow through us, and out of us.

We should be infectious. 

We shouldn’t be “follow God or you’re going to die in eternal hellfire!” We should be “follow God because it is soooo insanely wonderful!” Let us all seek to be infectious in our families, our churches, our communities, and outwards.

God bless!

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