Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is It Better To Reach One or Thousands?

I'm sure most of you have been told, at least at one point in your life, that it is better to have just one true friend than dozens of fake ones. This is so completely true. I learned this years ago, and it's something I've realized is still true, even once we leave our pre-teen drama years. (ok, so, maybe I'm still in the drama years... God bless personality disorders!)

Is this concept the same when it comes to readers/followers of blogs?

Recently, I have been...
a) angry about my loss of readers
b) jealous of those who have more readers
c) prideful and arrogant because hello! I know what I'm talking about!
4) greedy, wanting more readers and followers.

Hey look! I have 4 of the 7 deadly sins! I suppose we could add in
5) sloth...I truly have been lazy spiritually, thinking I really don't need to focus on that. I need to focus on followers, not following!

So, I win. 5 out of 7 deadly sins. Go me....

Earlier, I wrote about realizing that my blog needs to be about God. It needs to be the Holy Spirit moving within me. As soon as I stop letting it be about that... it's over. And I don't want that. Not because of my blog... if this ends up dying and no one ever reads it, fine. I need to stay on my knees, praying for the Spirit to stay within me, guiding my words and actions. That is what this is all about.

And tonight, I realized something else....

It doesn't matter if I know more or less about how to make a wonderfully effective blog site. It doesn't matter if I have a better or worse following than someone else. It doesn't matter if my site/brand/hashtag brings in the most hashtag references. These are all essentially material things. They are not of God. Focusing on this stuff is idolatry.... for me, at least. Others may be able to do it appropriately. They can keep it from being about themselves, and make it all about God. For me, it just ends up being selfish.

So, I am letting go of being angry and jealous and prideful. No more greed. I would rather have only one reader... one who is moved towards God... than have 1000 readers a day, of which none are touched or moved towards the One who truly matters.

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