Monday, March 17, 2014

There's a Time to Be "Cowardly"

Those who know me, know that I can be very opinionated. Sometimes I'm right in my opinions, sometimes I'm not. But regardless of how opinionated I may be, one thing I am not is prejudice - at least, not in general.

I believe men and women were created equal. I also believe there is an equal number of men and women who were created stupid, opinionated jerks who need to be smacked a few times.

I believe all races were created equal. I also believe there is an equal number of all races who were created moronic, loud-mouthed twits who need a good kick in the pants.

In the same way, I am not against any one religion. Even though I am  Christian, I do believe in loving people of all religions (and non-religions), and that there are very wonderful people within each of these. However, I also believe that scattered within each, there is an equal number of over-bearing, idiotic nit-wits who just need to have their mouths duct taped shut.

There's a Time to Be Silent and a Time to Express your Over-opinionated Views

Last night I posted a link to a song (Thrive by Casting Crowns... listen to it... it's great!). Yes, it is a Christian song. It's an uplifting, beautiful, Christian song put out there by a talented Christian band. There were many +1's. A random comment, but for the most part just a lot of +1's. I liked that. I'm sure there was many more people who listened and didn't like, or just skipped over it all together. That's fine too.

But then someone had to make a rather rude comment regarding the stupidity of Christianity. Ok, atheists and other religions have their views. I get that. And, that's ok. But a) there is no need to be rude about it. If you have an opinion, express it respectfully; and b) on a song that has nothing to do with what you're opinion is just is not the right place to be heard.

So, I removed these comments (note: I also removed the Christian comments that were not-so-respectfully thrown back at this person). This person called me cowardly for deleting her comments. I found that a bit funny.

To Be (a Coward) or Not to Be (a Coward)

In my opinion, the coward would be the person who has to rudely put down people for listening to a song. The coward would be the person who posts comments like this on a song rather than on an actual discussion regarding Christianity. A coward would be the person so afraid of Christianity, she has to berate everyone and everything she finds that has to do with the subject.

The only "Cowardly" thing I did was stop a petty fight from happening on a Google+ shared post of a Christian song by simply removing the uncalled for remarks. Sometimes, this "cowardly" behavior is necessary.

I honestly don't mind a respectful debate regarding Christianity, God, a lack of God, etc. I don't even mind someone telling me I'm moronic for believing in God. I'm proud to moronically follow my Lord and Savior. But if you want me to not be a "coward" and actually discuss these things, then you must first stop being a coward and must learn to be respectful and pick a relevant time and place for such a thing.

So, if you really must bash Christianity... 

This isn't an uplifting song. It is indeed a post regarding making comments regarding Christianity, atheism, or whatever other religion you are. So if you really must open your mouth to make rude, nasty, insulting comments to Christians... please feel free to do so on this post. :)

God bless!

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