Friday, March 21, 2014

Why Can't Science and Christianity Both Be Right?

I love science. I truly do. It explains a lot of things that myths and stories were once used to explain. And due to science, we have the capability to treat health problems, predict when a storm is coming so we can be better prepared, and c'mon, face it... without science, I wouldn't be able to spend way too much of my time on a computer, communicating with people I would otherwise have never met.

I also believe in God. I do believe God created everything. I have faith in this higher being, the Father of all. I believe He sent His Son to Earth, who was crucified, and rose again. And I believe the Holy Spirit dwells within me, guiding me.

The Bible:

I also believe in the Bible. However, I do not believe that God is the author of the text. For that to be true, all books would read in the same style/tone/language. All the authors had a different style and approach. Paul wrote longer sentences; Mark's were shorter; and John's view of the life of Christ was from a different point of view than Luke. David wrote poetic cries of hardship in his Psalms. Other writers wrote praises. Still others wrote historical books, some were scholarly, some were letters to Church leaders, written from a personal and passionate standpoint. We see these differences daily in our lives as Christian bloggers. Every author, has his/her own style and tone, and their own set of circumstances. 

If God was the author, these differences wouldn't appear. Instead, I believe God put the precise thought into the mind of the writer (i.e. He inspired the writer)... but then that person was the author, and wrote that thought in his own words and style, with his own personality showing through, and the context of his own culture and understanding showing through. 

So, when the creation was being written about in the Bible, Moses was going off God's inspiration of what to write, but also his own limited understanding. God created the world in 6 days. Were these 24 hour periods of time? Granted, God could do it all in 6 24-hour periods. But, He could also have done it in 1. And, in looking at what we believe scientifically, the time from Big Bang to man took more than 6 literal days. Perhaps it was 6 "periods of time". To be truthful, we don't know. But does it truly matter?

Christianity vs. Science:

So now, consider the ever-constant debate about whether science is right, or whether Christianity is right. I just don't understand why they can't both be right. Yes, science says the universe started with a Big Bang. Who created that? All those empires and cities listed in the Bible? Science (archaeology) has proven many of them exist. The Great Flood? Science has made strives through underwater archaeology in determining that it did happen. In fact, this isn't a story reserved for Christianity. Many of the old mythologies have accounts of a flood... perhaps the same one (which, I actually believe.. but I also believe that many religions/mythologies are all the same. But, that's a story for another time and place). The crucifixion of Christ? Even most scientific scholars agree this happened. 

If you take the Bible as a completely literal account of everything that happened, then I can see where people may not believe in it. It tends to leave more questions than answers in regards to events that occurred. Science is much better prepared to answer such questions. However, there are some things even science cannot explain. Miracles do happen. Someone who's determined dead suddenly having their heart start again; a storm that destroys everything in its path except for one child; a permanently blind person suddenly able to see again for no medical reason whatsoever. Things happen that even the most educated and experienced scientist will admit he cannot answer. 

There is a place for both Christianity and science to live. As Christians, we cannot turn a blind eye to what science has proven. But, in the same respect, those who believe solely in science must be willing to recognize that there are Biblical events and places which science has proven existed, and that there are some things even science cannot explain. What one may call luck, or a coincidence, Christians consider to be God's work. 

So, quit fighting but keep discussing openly and be understanding that we can coexist quite happily, learning from each other and growing together. 

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