Friday, February 20, 2015


You brought me here
into the barrenness, the desert, the deserted.
You called me here
to the dust.
This is Your doing and Yours alone.

I wander this wilderness alone
in search of You
of something.
My feet ache and burn.

Tears fall unbidden from my eyes
yet You show no mercy.
My screams echo into the emptiness
and You take no notice.

Why have You forsaken me?
Why do You bring me to this suffering?
I try to run, but I am chained.
I try to hide, but You uncover.
I fall to the ground pleading,
my knees bruised and bloody
as I crawl to You,
And You turn Your back.

Like an abusive lover
You refuse me.
There is no comfort.
There is nothing -
nothing but pain and sorrow and confusion.

Please, Oh Lord, I beg of You
wrap Your arms around me.
Have I not begged enough?
I will beg more.
Have I not repented enough?
Hear my soul - my repentence is true
and deep.
Have I not loved enough?
Show me how. Teach me.
Guide me.
Lead me out of this wasteland.
Grant me Your peace.

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