Saturday, March 18, 2017

I'll Do That! And That! And That! And...

Okay, so yes... I realize the above image is one of those "oh poor me... I keep giving but everyone still hurts me" memes. And yes, I realize my last post was about how we're supposed to give to others and not just focus on "me".

But, there is truth to the meme. Some people do tend to help too much. Every time someone calls in need of a friend, you're there for them. Every time someone asks for a volunteer, you're raising your hand. We don't like to disappoint people. We especially don't want to disappoint a friend... or our coworkers... or our church... or anyone.

And it is definitely not a bad thing to be there for others. It is definitely not a bad thing to volunteer. This is, after all, what God wants from us - to be there for our neighbors.

But, just as excessive me-time can be damaging, so can excessive helping.Especially if that helping is either a) for a selfish sense of pride, or b) is taking away time from God or helping your own needs.

Today's Lenten sacrifice:

Stop feeling you always have to help others

Helping others is truly a wonderful thing. But we all need time to renew our own energy. We need to take some personal time with God. We need quiet prayer, and quiet time, so we can continue to have the strength needed to be there for others. Without that time, we grow weak. We tend to fall into sin easier. We tend to break down easier. We tend to not be able to give our best to those who need us.

Skip the giving every now and then. Be willing to say "no". And always take God-time to keep the strength and courage that is needed to be his vessel.

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