Friday, March 17, 2017

Me Me Me Me Me!

Me time.

The phrase many people (especially parents) love to hear... and almost have a heart-attack when they get to experience it.

Me-time is a very important thing. It is a chance to relax and renew your energy so you can face another day. It's very healthy...

Until it's not.

I can't say how much me-time is healthy... for some it's an hour a day, for others it's a Saturday afternoon. If I had to give an amount, I'd suggest at least an average of an hour a day (which may mean just one 7 hour stretch one day during the week). But, everyone is different. And every day is different. There are some days I don't need me time. There are other days when I just want to lock myself in my room for 4 hours.

But, me-time can be problematic. It can be detrimental.

Are you skipping hanging out with friends to be alone? Are you skipping out on opportunities to make connections with people? Are you missing out on opportunities to do God's work in being there for others and showing love to them? Are you skipping worship? Are you avoiding relationships, even with your spouse/children/parents/friends?

Today's Lenten sacrifice:

Let go of excessive me-time.

Me-time is supposed to be something to renew one's own energy so they can be there for others doing God's will. It's intended to be healing.

It is all too easy to turn that time into something selfish - into a way to avoid people and responsibilities. This isn't what God wants from us. He understands we need that time alone... but then we are meant to go out and spread his unending love to others. We're meant to worship and spend time with him. We're meant to be with God and with others... not hiding in our rooms.

May God grant us all the ability to have me-time... the strength to use that time wisely... and the courage to leave that time so we can do his will.

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