Friday, March 31, 2017

The Constant Search for Happiness

I'll be happy once I get a new TV. And a new game console. And new furniture. And a spouse. And kids. And a bigger TV. And once the spouse starts putting me first. And once I get a new car. And a house. And once my child is in college. And once that child realizes I should be put first. And once I get a new phone. And once I have...

So often we think our happiness comes from our possessions. We believe happiness comes from the earthly things we acquire. We even believe true happiness comes from our relationships and what we get out of those relationships. And true, we may be temporarily happy. But that happiness is often short-lived, causing us to go seek more stuff.

Once something breaks, or becomes outdated, we feel a need to try to fill that hole with new things. Once the person in our life who was making us happy starts to fail to meet our expectations, unhappiness settles in.

Today's Lenten sacrifice:

Stop seeking happiness in earthly things. 

It is so easy to get pulled into that trap of thinking one person or one thing can make us happy. And that one thing leads to another, and another, and we never truly find that permanent happiness we seek. Instead, we find ourselves getting more and more unhappy and unfulfilled.

God is the only permanent source of happiness. God is the one thing/person that cannot break or leave us. And he provides so many gifts to us that can bring us joy when we stop relying on earthly things and instead see all his blessings.

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