Saturday, April 1, 2017

Being Present in His Presence


It isn't often we get a chance to feel these things. Our days are packed full of activities. When we do finally get a chance to relax, we usually do so by sitting in front of the TV, or a computer, or on our phone. We hide inside our homes, in our bedroom, or our office.

The past couple weeks, the weather here has gotten nicer (meaning, most of the time the temperature has been around 40 degrees or warmer). As soon as those nice temps melted away the extensive snow winter brought us, I set up my new tent. And it is from this tent that I write this post.

The heat of the sun has warmed the inside to a perfect temperature. The cool wind outside is making the walls rustle. Several birds are nearby, engaged in conversation. I can still smell the lingering scent of the wood we burned in our firepit last night.

There is no sound from a television. No ringing of the phone. No laptop or cell phone to distract me. It is just me, a notebook and pen, and my worship book. And the sounds and smells and beauty of God's creation. And the presence of God.

And my soul is at peace. My mind is calm. My heart is content. My body is relaxed.

All too often we forget the wonder of God's creations. We spend too much time with technology and other human creations, not realizing the true healing power of just existing in and amongst everything else God has created. We forget the wonder and healing power of being present in God's presence.

Today's Lenten sacrifice:

Walk away from technology. 

I'm not saying give it up completely. I'm not even saying to give it up for Lent or even for just a full day.

I am saying walk away from it every so often - perhaps even a couple hours a day - and use that time to be in nature. Be somewhere where you can see and hear the birds and squirrels; where you can feel the warmth of the sun, and the cool breeze on your skin. Be somewhere where you can feel connected to God and to his creation; where you can truly feel the peace and comfort only God can provide.

Praise to you, O God our creator. By your will, your word, your hand, you have created the heavens and the earth; the sun and moon and stars, the wind and rain, all creatures large and small, and us. For this, we give you thanks and praise. Help us remember to put away our technology and worries so that we can spend more time in the presence of you.

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