Friday, July 11, 2014

Return If Possible

My plane landed in Bismarck around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. I'd only had 2 or 3 hours of sleep before leaving Iowa, so all I could think about on the trip home was how nice it would be to get home, spend some time with my kids and husband, then take a nice long nap. My husband picked me up, and we started driving away from the airport.

My mother-in-law called before we were even away from the airport. She told us we better get to Fargo right away... that Dad didn't have much time left. So, we drove the hour home, dropped off my luggage, picked up a few things, and headed out for the two hour drive, not certain what would be waiting for us.

It wasn't Dad. Well, biologically, of course it was, but this is a man who two years ago was out running and bike riding every day, played golf, worked out. This was a man who always picked on me and joked around. And here he was in a nursing home bed, skin and bones, pretty unresponsive to anything. When he did open his eyes last night, it was a blank look. All I could do after seeing him like that was to pray that God doesn't let him suffer much longer. After a lot of visiting with Mom and other family, and a lot of crying, we made it home around midnight.

Work was almost unbearable... so many people asking what was wrong, and offering prayers and hugs. Don't get me wrong - I appreciated it. But each time brought more tears. So, I went home to be with my family and figure out what we were going to do - do we head back to Fargo? This evening, the decision was made for us when Mom called us again.

Dad passed away at 3:30 this afternoon, peacefully in his sleep. He has left behind a wife, 7 children, 7 daughters/sons-in-law, 19 grandchildren, and numerous other family and friends who love him dearly, and whom he loved.

I want to thank all my friends and family who have stood by me these past two years that he's been fighting this cancer. The prayers, hugs, and kind words have meant the world to me. The offers for a shoulder or ear, the putting up with my depressing worried scared crazy emails... all of it has been a blessing.

And now, as I find myself once again in tears, I will end this post. God bless each of you, and thank you again for your love and support.

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