Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Probably Not Good Reasons to Go to Church

An email to a friend earlier today got me thinking (I know... scary!). I had mentioned how some people go to Bible Study for the wrong reasons. And, after babbling about this topic to him, it made me realize that a) I have attended Bible Study for the wrong reasons before; and b) this isn't necessarily a bad thing. And, it also made me wonder how many people go to Church for the wrong reasons, and what might those reasons be. Which, of course, made me realize that I, too, have probably attended Church service for the wrong reason.

For example, I've read on many articles (while trying to gather up a few more "bad reasons to go to Church) that we shouldn't go to Church simply because of the Pastor (i.e. going because we think the pastor is handsome, or dynamic, or popular, or just a good guy). Well, this is actually a big part of the reason I started attending the Church I belong to now. Not that I thought he was handsome or popular or anything... I mean, I don't think he's not handsome or popular... but... Ok, I should probably stop babbling before I get myself into trouble. What I am trying to say is that this particular pastor had become someone I could trust, and someone who made Church sound like maybe not such a bad idea.

And because of this, I started going; and now, my reasons for attending have nothing to do with him, or our current pastor, or any one person. This is why I say that having a bad reason to start with isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, regardless of why we walked through the door, we find something much deeper and more meaningful which keeps us coming.

So... the list below is more of a list of bad reasons some people continue attending a Church.... Oh, before I begin... please note that some of these are not necessary bad (i.e. singing in the choir is good), but if it's the sole or main reason you're attending, then ya might want to reevaluate..

Bad Reasons to Go to Church: 

1.    To find a spouse
2.    To call yourself a Christian (sitting in a Church makes you as much of a Christian as standing in a garage makes you a car)
3.    To appear religious to family and friends
4.    To find clients for your business
5.    To sing in the choir or play instruments
6.    To get right with the Lord (hey, hey! I go to Church, therefore I am saved!)
7.    Because of the Pastor/Preacher (he’s handsome, dynamic, friendly, smart, etc)
8.    For the entertainment
9.    So God will answer your prayers
10.    Because you feel obligated (i.e. your family goes there, it’s where you got married, etc)
11.    To show off your body or clothes (this one could probably be lumped in with the first one on this list… although, if you’re dressed [or undressed] to show off your body, you may not necessarily find yourself a good wholesome Christian spouse..)
12.    They have a school
13.    It’s a beautiful, ornate church (obviously, the more elaborate the building, the more prestigious you’ll appear if you are a member)
14.    The people are very nice
15.    To get your needs met
16.    It offers enticing programs and events (midweek daycare, craft classes, ladies tea time [read: gossip hour], has family social evenings, youth group, retreats, bingo night, raffles, etc.)
17.    They have a popular TV program
18.    Building is geographically convenient (ok, this doesn’t work for many of us who live in a small town and are seriously limited as to available Churches… but I left it on this list anyway)
19.    Monetary & food gifts for members (some Churches do this??? I always find the wrong ones…)
20.    You agree with their political views
21.    You are dating one of their members
22.    The church needs me
23.    Important/influential people attend

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