Thursday, June 4, 2015

It Must Be Nice (to Pretend to be Christian)

 It must be nice to never be confused as to who you are, or why you are the way you are. It must be nice to not have been born with any health issues - mental or physical. It must be nice to have your perfect little bubble. It must be nice to be so perfect, you're allowed to harass and demonize and dehumanize another person who doesn't have the luxury of being perfect. It must be nice to have God's permission to judge and condemn another.

For the past few days my G+ and Facebook feeds have been a constant barrage of articles and memes and comments about Caitlyn Jenner. And yes, I am going to call her Caitlyn. And yes, I am going to call her a woman. Maybe she's got a few physical issues which make her appear as a male (if you're checking her out naked... which well, then you're the one with the problem, not her), but she identifies as female, and who I am to disrespect someone (especially someone whom I don't even know)?

And yet, this doesn't seem to stop the multitudes of pseudo-Christians. Maybe you don't agree with what she's done. Maybe you believe it's a sin. Maybe you believe she's going to hell. Well guess what? No one cares what you think. It is not our right to condemn her. It is not our right to tear down her happiness.

Here are my thoughts on just a couple things I've seen on social media lately...

"God still knows him as Bruce. Him changing his name doesn't mean God will know him as such." 

 How do you know this? God used to change people's names in the Bible all the time. Unless God has gifted you with His ability to understand what His plan is (and trust me, He has not given you that gift), you cannot and do not know. It is entirely possible that it was God who allowed this person to finally grow and become the person He wanted her to be.

"God created man and woman in His image, and said it was good. He wouldn't make a mistake to have a woman in a man's body."

a) God made man and woman in his image. Therefore, God is both masculine and feminine...
b) God wouldn't make a mistake to have a child born without a heart. Or to have a child born without legs. Or to have a child born with an extra chromosome. Oh.... wait..... yeah he would...

"It says in the Bible that a man cannot wear women's clothing, or a woman wear men's clothing." 

a) I live in men's flannel shirts. Guess I'm on a straight road to hell
b) The verse which says this is Deuteronomy 22:5. If you read a some of the verses which follow that (in the same chapter):

When you build a new house, you shall make a parapet for your roof; otherwise you might have bloodguilt on your house, if anyone should fall from it.
You shall not sow your vineyard with a second kind of seed, or the whole yield will have to be forfeited, both the crop that you have sown and the yield of the vineyard itself.
10 You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey yoked together.
11 You shall not wear clothes made of wool and linen woven together.
12 You shall make tassels on the four corners of the cloak with which you cover yourself.

I'm betting you're all going to hell to because you don't fulfill at least 3 of those 5 verses. 

I'm utterly disgusted at the lack of Christ-like love

I could continue with all the ridiculous things I've seen the past couple days, but to be honest, I am just so disgusted with "Christian" behavior over this that I just can't go on. All I will say is this... 

We are commanded to love everyone. What I have seen from almost everyone who has posted on this topic is not love. It isn't even remotely close to love. It's horrible, pain-causing, tear-down behavior which is so completely unChristlike behavior it makes me want to cry. We're supposed to love. We're supposed to build people up. That is what it means to follow Christ. 

God bless

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