Monday, May 18, 2015

Random Thoughts from the Edge of the Cliff

Snow once again covers the ground, and the wind is relentless. Yesterday, we saw no reprieve from the rain. A few days ago, the sun peaked out, offering us a small bit of warmth. This spring weather has been more chaotic than my mind and moods, twisting and turning and never quite sure what season it's supposed to be.

I sit on the edge of the cliff, looking down, wondering. Lost in my own thoughts, in my own dreams. The biting wind promises to push me over that edge into freedom. Into a place where there are no more storm clouds on the horizon.

Earlier today, I read something regarding the meaning of life - that there is no real meaning of it; but rather that we were created by God so He would have someone to share His love with. Such a warm thought, and yet disguising the rain and bitter cold which soon will come.

Is it wrong to not feel that love being shared? To doubt it is there, or that it is meant for me as well? Everywhere we look, we see tears and coldness - hearts hardened and/or broken. How can we say this world is for God to share His love - that this is why we're here?

How can we say there is light in this world when darkness always seems to prevail?

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